The Holy Spirit is the ABSOLUTE BEST. PERIOD!! THE Holy Spirit is the Best artist, the Best Blogger. Wow! The Holy Spirit is LITERALLY THE BEST SELLING AUTHOR!! 🫢🤯 Let that SIT right there for a few minute. Ima just say it again… THE HOLY SPIRIT IS THEEEE BEST-SELLING AUTHOR!!!! Aww man that SPEAKS Volumes okay!! Like, how can I fail if the Holy Spirit is operating in me, telling me point for point, word for word, hitting every concept, every strategic piece of greatness— I can NOT Lose!! I will NOT Lose. I’m ROCKING WITH THE BEST!!! If you don’t have the Holy Spirit giving you the Blueprint then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

I told the Lord, I wanted to be sooo great, I told Him I wanted to be the best!! The Lord said, “BET! Let’s GO!! Keep your Eyes On ME!!”

The Major KEY is to FOCUSSSSS ON GOD!!! Period!!! Today, I was just reading my Bible. It was one of them days, my spirit was just weird today, and wasn’t woke enough to receive… but I was reading it.

Tomorrow will be another day! I’ll focus on the day, not yesterday, not the day after tomorrow, I will focus on The Day and focus on the Lord! Period.

I’m in a season where I’m supposed to “BE STILL!” “Wait on the Lord” …. I am Holding on for Dear life. That was quite literally my instruction actually!! I had a whole dream where I was descending from the sky, with this like make-shift chute and I had it wrapped around my hands soooo tightly and I was holding on to it for dear life bc I was descending SOOO FAST! Like, I was coming in HOT!! And then I saw a Tree 🌲 and something told me aim for the Trees!! Ohhh wait, before that scene, I seen a bunch of Beautifullll HORSES 🐎 running up into what looked like this Castle but they were going inside…. Like, they were running up these stairs one after the other… just a whole bunch of HORSES. Idk what they were running for, but it seemed like they were excited and running TOWARD something Not exactly FROM something ya know!!! Like these are the messages I am receiving from the Most High and I just need to TAKE HEED and Just follow instructions, HOLD ON! FOCUS ON ME!! Horses are notoriously beautiful beings, MAJESTIC animals in fact!! I heard that word somewhere today in fact, I think maybe in my Bible study idk. I’m actually reminded that I did just write about this in my last blog post lol smh 🤦🏿‍♀️, so if y’all been reading y’all already know.

You know what though, I have been receiving from the Lord. Words like Taming the Tongue, and Loving your enemies, VERY specific Words for me. I find myself having to face a person I don’t care for at my nephews first birthday parTy. This person did me soooo filthy, and they got the nerve to have my blood running thru their veins as my first cousin!! Holy Spirit reminded me that I was FREE!! Free of any of that hurt, that wrong , Jesus already done died for that Betrayal!! My Savior already paid that price. You might pull up might got a message that can heal THAT individual STOP playing and walk into this FULL CIRCLE moment and let your LIBERATION SHINE ✨!! Period!! It’s literally no need to even feel a way, if you ain’t tryna see this person again, yeen got to after this All the places I’m taking You!!! Holy Spirit be having to GATHER ME TOGETHER!!! SPEAK LORD!! My God constantly resuscitates my spirit when fear and anxiety decides to pull up trying to Kill me. Be having to remind me that I have the Holy Spirit iperating within me and the light exuding off me— WHO WANT WHAT!?!?!?

But, Holy Spirit be trying it though, pulling fast ones on you thoughhhh!!! Holy Spirit be like YOUR READY let’s goooo, whole time you like waitttt so I passed???!!! Yup, Lets GO!!! Just be pushing me and challenging me, like Spirit knows before The flesh, my flesh be just Dragging, head hanging like Okay, Lord!!! Then Holy Spirit says ICK YOUR HEAD UP, like from that popular clip when the basketball player got lowkey discouraged and hung his head dragging his feet running down the court and his teammate ran past and Lifted his Head!!! That’s HOLY SPIRIT!!! Lets YO CONFIDENCE SPEAK!!! Let YO FREEDOM RING!!! Let YO LIGHT SHINE!!! Like He saying I’m making Him look bad lol smh. LORRRDDDD, I BE going thru it while the Holy Spirit cleaning me up though!!!

Remember the scene in Beauty and the Beast when all the dishes was washing the Beast and telling him to get it together bc it was the ONLY way they were all gonna be FREE AGAIN , PEOPLE AGAIN!!! They were counting on him!! That’s how I feel for my Family!! So I gotta get right and Boss u, and Be Brave, and walk in with my head held High.

These ppl is BOUND and I AM THE DIFFERENCE bc I have the Holy Spirit IN MEEE!!! Ans where the spirit of the Lord is there is LIBERTY!!! Period!!

Jesus Lord, I thank you and I give you all the glory and PRAISE!!! Let’s GO ABBA!!! Let’s GO!!!! I’m with you!!!




Come Get Yo Son Lord!!!

Dude really just dropped his cross right where he stood and just walked off unto death….and don’t even care. He don’t even realize just how much he is even being kept right now. Like angels fighting off demons left n right. Like yoooo it’s rattlesnakes right there, sooo you just walk in the midst Like they not even, oh ok BET!! Like, LOVE was just walking along, and then said, NOPE, AND just WALKED OFF ….in THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD LIKE…. Like, imagine this random man just walking aimlessly in oncoming traffic!! Like BRO , you is messing up the flow of traffic!! You are literally holding up traffic!!! And don’t even know it!!!! DONT CARE, JUST…..

Like sir, I need for you to look up!! Your not even looking. It’s blessings that you are holding up!! You are holding up OUR blessings!!! Bc YOU feel a way,,, I need you to not be so focused on YOUR feelings , amd focus on YOUR GOD!!! You’ve given up and its super not conducive to who we are becoming, who we are meant to be , AND where we going!!! Now YOU holding US up!!!

Granted, I was the one holding us up before, but I HAD NO IDEA what was even going on, until I began fasting, and praying all crazy just simply seeking INTIMACY and establishment with the Lord. In that seek, im asking God for Revelation, and I’m getting my amswers!!answers!!! I have finally Arrived to our TRUTH!! I am your WIFE and YOU are MY HUSBAND!! But, YOU KNOW ALL THIS AND KNEW ALL THIS, IM SORRY I CRUSHED YOU BABY, I HAD NO IDEA!!! I KNOW NOW THOUGH. CAN YOU STOP BEING SO SORE SO WE CAN SOARRRR PLEASE?!?!? Ughhhh!!!

My big strong man, 💪🏿 is just sooo crushed in spirit and I gotta labor in spirit to wake his tail up bc he is a stubborn BULL, like he so madddddd, amd hurt, amd just so angry, his heart is sooo done , that you ain’t even talking to God, and my baby can CARE LESS about me and what I gotta say, to the point where he is name calling and I’m not about to put up with his foolishness , Lord!! I’m NOT!!! COME AND GET YO SONNNN!!! I don’t want to be in my flesh like I used to be ready to curse his tail clean OUT!! I’m NOT about to be too many more “spawns of satan,!” COME GET HIM!!! 😒 🙄 😤 😑 🤌🏿🤚🏿

Whyyyy MEEEEEE!!?!?!? WHY DOES HE HAVE TO BE SO DIFFICULT !?!?! Like THIS is NOT NORMAL!!! But this is EXACTLY how I know this is KINGDOM!! 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️

Yooo, Kingdom Marriage is truly NOT meant for the Faint of heart. They would talk about Marriage period is not for the Faint of heart; nahhh, ITS KINGDOM MARRIAGE that is NOT for the weak!!!!

Lord, Lord, Lord!!! You done had me go thruuuu ALLL OF EVERYTHING I had to go thru in this LIFE for this right here?!?! Lord Jesus, Help me Lord!! Look,🗣🗣Come GET YO SONNN!!!

My tongue is ready to disrespect, and I’m ready for violence….so Lord I ask OHHHHH MY GODDD!!! 💡 THIS IS EXACTLY WHY YOU HAD ME READING ABOUT TAMING THE TONGUE ,(had me right up in James 3 🤦🏿‍♀️💡🤌🏿)JUST Before he called ME out the blue yesterday (like a warning, like a brace yourself , i hope you catch this, and boy did i catch it) OHHHH LORDDDDD , I NEED WATER lol !!! Nah, you know what, just turn It into WINE Jesus cuz I can’t with NEITHER ONE OF YALL RIGHT NOW!!! IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER AND THE SON!!! IM DONE!!!

YOU knew what you were doing!!! I know your ways are NOT our ways but , Lord that was just — and you know what, this is exactly why folk need to be careful about what they PRAY for….cuz you JUST MIGHT GET IT!! Here go God like ,,, “IMA GIVE YOU WHAT CHU WANT!” *KEVIN HART VOICE 🤦🏿‍♀️😂

Yesterday, I was sooo impatient about being a WIFE already, and I was JUST asking for the Lord for PATIENCE about it interestingly enough — WELL, TODAY, The Lord just said BOOM, OPPORTUNITY FOR PATIENCE FOR ONE ALEX!! HERE YA GO!!! TODAY, MY PATIENCE IS BRIMMING OVER LIKE YUPPPPP I’LL WAIT!!! I WILL WAIT LORD!!!


I’ll just be over here laboring in the spirit, sipping on this wine, and waiting on YOU Lord!!! I ain’t saying NOTHING ELSE ABOUT IT LORD, YOU GOT IT!! YOU RIGHT!! YOU WIN!!!

I serve a Slick God, I Do!! My God is clever. My God iS Wise….But you ain’t have to do me like THIS , LORD!!!

Go GET YO SON!!! 💅👉🏿

I Love You, ABBA!!! You something else!!

Talk Later! ❤️


I had a dream the other day and in this dream there were these horses 🐎 running, one after the other , up these stairs… like stampeding. It was a beautiful site though, just beautiful majestic horses racing upstairs into this house or building made of brick. I don’t exactly recall but it was like a castle though, maybe the stables were up these stairs and it was probably time to eat or something lol idk. But, I’m other scene in this same dream, there I was descending QUICKLY from the sky , but it was more scary like I was coming soooo fast and holding on for dear life!! Idk what I was holding onto but it was like this make shift chute of sorts idk. All I know is that I was coming in HOT, like really fast, and I was holding on for dear life… then I saw a tree 🌲 and then I was trying to aim for the Tree!! And then I woke up!!

What does it mean, Lord!?!? 🤔

Woman In Gold

The Lord is so gracious!! I really needed God to minister to me and just like give me strength and confidence and just WILLING and fearless!!

I have been hearing and/or seeing these words: Gold, Golden hour, golden….. and I just randomly watched this movie a couple weeks ago called l, Polar Express in which the boy had a Golden ticket. In fact, ALL the kids riding this train ALL had Golden Tickets!!!

Wow, I’m just trying to get this out…

Okay, well one, God speaks to me in movies, music, numbers….. and I needed God to speak to me and give me revelation and strength and just to pour into my spirit…..

So, I search for a movie and It didn’t even take very long bc the movie I knew i was supposed to watch was called, ‘Woman in Gold!’ OF COURSE!! I been hearing all these things about Gold, how could I NOT watch it.

Basically, the movie was about this Old Austrian Jewish Woman who sister had passed and amongst her sister’s belongings were these letters stating art had been stolen from their home from the NAZIs when they were younger. And the woman set out to get back what was Rightfully hers. This was in the time of the Holocaust and the Nazi just ravaged her town, marked ‘jew,’ on homes so they’d know who was who, and this Austrian had recalled all the hell she had gone thru in her younger years witnessing this evil and escaping it with her husband. She got this lawyer whom she trusted and also a family friend son who also had Austrian roots as well so she knew can trust him. The passion of the lawyer truly spoke volumes and it became a passion project in which he had to make sacrifices in his own life to see this through!!

Okay, so this Austrian Woman did NOT want to return back to AUSTRIA after the Nazis had ravaged her home. She swore never to return. But on the other side was greater gain that which required her to show up and fight for what was hers.

As a child even, her aunt Adele told her that being timid was not a luxury she can afford to have in this life and that life would demand her strength!!

It rang true many times throughout the movie when she had return to Austria, when she wanted to give up when the Austrians pushed back, and wasn’t readily willing to give up what had so been in their possession for so long that it became apart of the fabric of the Austrian heritage. But, the true heritage of this particular art piece which was called ‘Woman in Gold,’ was so great that exposing the real roots of the artwork and who this actual woman was (who was the Austrian woman’s aunt, who also raised her until her aunt had passed.) (This is rough just lemme get this out!)

Basically, at the grand museum the greatest art piece and staple of matter fact, her aunt who was ‘The woman in Gold,’ was the Mona Lisa Of Austria put it like ,,,,, !! The Austrian Woman wanted to take back what was ‘rightfully hers’!!!

My point is that or just what I got from this movie is that sometimes you MUST face your demons! Face the demons, so you can truly heal. Returning back to her home country required so much strength in order for her to get to the other side of Healing and Peace!!

Even when the Austrian officials and owners of the art gallery weren’t readily willing to give up the great artwork, The Austrian Woman had to fight for and speak up for that which was Hers!! Even if those who opposed her didn’t like it,,, and then when she had to go back again, it just got required sooo much!!!!

It speaks to me bc Soon I have to look my own demons in the face, I don’t what will become of it. But, I know I have to take heart , and be of good courage, and NOT fear. It’s a whole full circle moment I’m living in and I have to go through it to get to the other side of my healing. I thought of cancelling my Flight. I thought I would have the choice as to when I’d ever look them demons in the face again, sometimes life don’t work like that, you just have to TAKE THAT FLIGHT!!!! ✈️ AND LET GOD DO TNE REST!!! Wow, and that’s why God just had me watch that movie AND write this out , BC SHE DID NOT want to go to Austria and I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO TEXAS!! But, it’s something on the other side of that flight though!!!! I don’t know what but I know that on the other side of my weakness is Gods strength and I honestly just answered my own question as to whether I was gonna cancel this flight or not — God just said, You better TAKE OFF!!! ✈️ I know He got something on the other side of this thing!!! God got me!!! And I Trust He does indeed!!!

Amen!! 🙏🏿

A New Thing

I want to be so GREAT!

Sometimes I feel like it’s impossible to be.

In the back of my mind, I hear ABBA saying, “Yeah, with just you, but it’s Possible with ME!”

Oh, How I love how God loves me…

I been seeing nothing but 143 for DAYS now… and it is such a comfort

When I feel like a disappointment, and Discouraged.

God is over here like, just Chill, I LOVE YOU.

And that’s why I’m so grateful to be in His rest.

We are getting to know each other, like for real…. Like truly establishing relationship.

God is funny on the low. God is so super dope.

He is lyrical. He is an Artist. He is just, PEACE.

‘Be Still and Know that I AM GOD’ — I am Living for it.

Im finding out how Wonderful My Father really is… it is LOVELY!

To be honest, WE literally just Celebratedu daughter’s 1ST Birthday 🎉 🥳 but We Celebrated MY FREEDOM in HIM on INDEPENDENCE DAY!! It was Glorious!! We didn’t catch no sideline fireworks in somebody parking lot like I would in past years. This year for some reason my Dad told me it’s a firework display at this park a little ways out and I just AGREED like Yes, WE IN THERE!! It was like yesss, let’s go to an actual park this year, get some snacks, get the waters, and the lawn chairs WE OUT!! We were intentional about it. That was ALL GOD – He knew what he was doing. A nice family outing. I picked up some ear protectors for my Babygirl and SHE ENJOYED it too! She was so engaged and just in awe at the colors and the noise. She was cool about it, not fussy at all, just laid back and appreciated a moment with her Mommy, Her Bebe, and Her Pop-POP… and ABBA!!

God knows I LOVE fireworks. I very much enjoyed it. God is so good. I am FREE. And God wanted me to celebrate that… and my Rebirth. I am a whole new creature in Christ. 🤌🏿💕🤗

Thank you, Lord! 🙏🏿👑

In the GREEN


Oohhh it’s been so much!! God is MOVING Real strong!! Real strong!! And whenever I ain’t at my post, I gotta pick up what I missed. Meaning, I gotta catch up bc its coming so fast!!! #Swiftly

I’m a whole STUDENT right now in the spirit ….with ZERO Luxury to miss ANYTHING. God’s got all this pertinent information he’s releasing right now. And HE’S LIKE, FIRING OFF All of it. I can’t be just skipping class.

Tis the season to STAY FOCUSED!! FOCUS on GOD!!!

God says, FOCUS ON ME!! So I CAN GIVE YIU THESE KEYS!! So when I release you into GREATNESS how to move in it!!

Soooo many things the Lord has been speaking, that I need to CAPTURE amd Document, And Take Heed In this HOURRR!! It’s like this assembly line of all these God parts, that if I’m not taking and placing what is being presented as swiftly and effectively as He is giving it to me, then it’s all running together and I gotta hurry up and like get it all situated….its like that right now. And I’ve noticed it. In this transition amd transformation IT IS GOING DOWN like I’m in it. I cam no longer be the chelsey that I’ve been….its time to accept these changes and handle this business. Like a PRIVACY agreement you gotta scroll all the way down before you can continue, and then AFTER you ACCEPT!! Ooohhh, and its usually A LLT of information …is it Not?!


God had to remind me the other day that he has GRANTED ME PERMISSION!! He has give me the ‘GREENLIGHT!!’ He has given me the Golden ticket!! And, ITS TIME TO GO!!!

I found myself NOT in my Word for a few days like I needed to Be…and then DOUBT started creeping all crazy. Then I began zecond-guessing what HE told me. I started thinking wait what if that was the enemy talking and then got me to do something FOOLISH!! I had to ask God to RE-CONFIRM for me what He said….First apologizing for DOUBTING and Not FOCUSING on Him!! AND I just looked at the TIME ,, ITS 3:20PM!!(EPH 3:20) SPEAK, LORD!!! Now, it’s 3:21 ……GET READY, GET SET……..GOD IS SAYING, WHAT DID I SAY, “GOOOO!”

Jesus, Lord!!!

First few days in July I was DEEP in my Word and received massive significant Revelation of Real live HOLY SPIRIT just all up and through my House, like ALL DAY!!! WE WERE ON ONE, MEANING I was so high so immersed with the Holy Spirit that it lasted for HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS!! This was also after I came up off a fast the end of June!! Mannnnn, GOD IS DOING A NEW THING, PERIODT!!!

Okay, Long story short, God said, FOCUS ON ME, specifically, to maintain and continue to elevate. Elevating in HIM! I feel like I’m not saying this the way I wanna say it….Cuz I feel like I’m kinda rushing this Word, which I kinda am bc like I said, IM BACKED UP!!! 🙃 😅 🤦🏿‍♀️

Anywayyyy, lol, FOCUSSS!!! FOCUS on the Lord, so He can do in ME what is necessary so I can Do FOR HIM what is necessary!! Perfect WILL type business, you know what I’m sayin?!?! ITS THE ONLY WAY!! #STAYROOTED That’s number one.

Number 2. PURPOSE IN MY HEART To glorify God with your body…like Daniel did !! (I was in Daniel on this day…and Im also supposed to be READING the entire book of Daniel this month!! Btw/funfact) SO, I’m talking about Honoring GOD with my BODY!! Like taking care of myselF in every area. Fitness…DIET, Wellness, Self-Care (GET YA SEXY BACK PERIODT)!! YEAAA…..HONOR GOD BY HONORING YOURSELF!!! JESUSSS!!! HONESTLY, for ME , this is a READ. Bc God knows how I be….how I’ve been. He knows MY TRUTH!! LOL SMH ‼️ This is what God has revealed to me up until …TODAY!! It is the the 5th of July….and so, I need to be more intentional in ALL these things!! And I WILL!! I MUST BE READY!!! I WILL NOT BE CAUGHT SLIPPING WHEN IT IS TIME TO BE PRESENTED……I DID thay once, and I felt like a lil small French fry when I’m a whole COMBO you knkw!!! Don’t get caught up out here!! GO WASH UP!!!! 🚶🏿‍♀️ 💝

Oh, last part…God Gave it to me to me THIS WAY today. If you know anything about GOLF…..Focusing on HIM is like ‘staying in the GREEN!!” In Golf, whenever you are OUTSIDE the green, it is NOT the most ideal place to be, a d makes the shot thag much more difficult than if you were in the GREEN! STAY IN THE GREEN!!!

Today, I seen a lot of green references ….my Playlist is called , “Greenlight” thay I created a week ago or so. Today’s post is called , ‘In the Green,’!! Thus, Today’s inspiration comes from Jarred’s spirit!! Today, is his 1 year anniversary of his death!!! He was my big cuz, and very much loved in the community!! His funeral last year was SO PACKED, they changed the fire codes just for him at our church home!! ⛪️ HIS FAVORITE COLOR WAS GREEN!!

Jarred would say, “IT AINT ON YOU, ITS IN YOU!”

So today, I’m saying ….


Don’t QUESTION it again!!! KNOW YOU GOT IT!!!

Jarred BELIEVED when others couldn’t/wouldn’t believe in themselves!!

Thank You Cuz for your…GREEN LIGHT!!


RIH JARRED Aka Weeze 💚🌹🕊



Arise, Mother! Arise, Prophet! Arise, WARRIOR!! For YOU are all of that, and then some…

I am NOT just one of the things, I AM ALL OF THE THINGS!! I AM everything that MY ABBA Daddy has called me to be…and I need to acknowledge and operate in the vastness of my gifts.

Arise, Warrior!

I am so well-equipped for this particular call of duty. The spiritual gifts within me are as weapons to which I walk around the land ready for War. Not exactly looking for it, just, Ready…at all times. I live my life peaceably. I go about my day minding my business, I drink my water, and act accordingly. But, I know the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy, so I stay on high alert. I actively REFUSE to be caught slipping out here in these spiritual streets.

Every gift bestowed upon me has its own job, it has its own function…to be used according to who want what in the spirit. I am laced with spiritual grenades, spiritual ak-47s, all types of assault rifles, oozies, machine guns, hand guns, mase, pocket-knives, etc!! Listennnn, I switch up and alternate thru these gifts/weapons as needed, and use as necessary for whatever type of situation or instance required in that moment. It’s like I’m operating in Spiritual Stealth mode. If you go to my spiritual settings, that option is ENABLED!! And while it may often go into sleep mode, it’ll be a ping in my spirit as my Alert and I will auto-ACTIVATE!! Don’t PLAY with Me bc what the people don’t know is when I am Weak, I AM AT MY STRONGEST!! This is a major keyyyy!! My inner Soldier has ARISEN!!

Arise, MOTHER!!

For It was a MOTHER that which led an army to Victory!! Mighty Men of Valor were unmoved unless the MOTHER arose, and moved to strike!! A willing Vessel she was, whom TRUSTED GOD, and did NOT doubt…but went forth, in full force, and it was a day that which VICTORY was given into your hands! A day of DELIVERANCE!! All Praises to the Most High GOD!! ABBA Did it again!! Shout, GLORY!! THIS is your DELIVERANCE!!!


“Hear, the Spirit of the Lord! Calm your mind! Find Peace! Rest your busy body, mind, and spirit. Be STILL and know that I am God!! Daughter, operate in Obedience and Discern my voice. You MUST Follow it, Know it, allow the quiet to seep into your day so as to be in agreement with my Word, so as to receive my guidance, so as to receive ALL I have for you,” is what my spirit tells me right now. It’s like the Lord is telling me to, “SHUTUP, and come get these Instructions for my life!” Like, I need to find my chill. Go unto Him and meet Him at His throne.

Exit Counseling

Tis’ the Season to be soooo much greater in God, Period!!

I’m coming out and it’s My Time!! Can’t you feel a brand new day!? Cuz im walking on sunshine!! 🗣Whoa!!

It Feels Good!!

For Such a Time as This… I am and will be operating in my anointing. #EstherSeason

So many references and confirmations aka signs, wonders, and miracles; all these have put a stamp on what season I am in, for this is MY appointed time.

The Lord has called me into Him. I am soaking in His presence and gaining all the knowledge and wisdom for the assignment!

The Holy Spirit done been on me ALL DAY!!

It feels like this is a day before I leave for a Training Camp. It’s like a Spiritual Training camp if you will. I presume, This is where you hone in on the gifts, it’s where you get the Playbook, and learn the plays. It’s where you learn how to wield the weapons. It’s where you learn what the actual weapons are, and it’s functions, where and when to use them.

This is where I meet with the architect. I am in a meeting. I am in the conference room and the Blueprints are being laid out for me in regard to my future. This is the vision… made Plain! ALL Are PRESENT. I’m HERE, ABBA is here! Jesus is here, the heavenly Hosts are here, cherubims, and seraphims, alike Are Here! It’s MUSIC playing and there is a rumbling in the room!!

I JUST KNOW I’m in this new season, and I just know that LAST assignment is DONE DONE!! It’s sooo crazy bc My own former Employer CONFIRMED it in the very last message I received in the team group text!! This last message was in the form of an image. The image was that of a PRINCESS, 👑👸🏿 the very image I chose to incorporate in this blog post at the top of the page!!

OH, THAT’S how I know that the old is GONE, and the NEW IS HERE!! Isaiah 43:17-19

The fact that the VERY last message from my Team Member group text was this image above is a whole direct word from God!!

The ‘Princess’ reference is apart of the confirmations I’ve received during and throughout my pruning season. I’ve even been led to watch such movies in that theme, including Beauty and beast, Cinderella, etc. And, not to mention , that VERY recently, No Waiittt, TODAY!! It was just earlier today that a Sister in Christ I follow had shared this ‘PRINCESS playlist,’ because in fellowship it was stated that God sees us as his “Princesses!”

So, this LAST MESSAGE from my former team, from my former employer is literally like a RELEASE…as if to represent a ‘Relief from duty.’ #SpiritualRelease 🙏🏿👸🏿

I Am currently having a REVELATION…bc, Interestinglyyyyy, TODAY dawns a new month… the SEVENTH Month, JULY!! Furthermore, the number SEVEN (7), means, COMPLETION; JULY IS Also MY BIRTH MONTH!!

Wowwwwww! I am quite literally a whole new creature in Christ!!

This is Completion.

This is Birthing season.


*MY God is ever-so Gracious!* 💕🙏🏿👑

It’s the Trumpets For Me! 🎺

It’s something about that Trumpet!! This instrument is truly a representation of VICTORY!! It is quite literally the very SOUND of VICTORY!! It’s the sound of God giving it unto your hands!! JESUS!! Okay, so boom— The Trumpets. When they Blast Off it’s DONE!! Count it an extension of Gods glory, nay, Gods DELIVERANCE, in a SOUND!! Wow, so when I think of the trumpet, Ima think of DELIVERANCE now! Period!

LIstennnn, THE TRUMPETS SPEAK!! Let’s get into it — In Joshua 6:: The ppl marched around the city with the Ark of the covenant once a day for 6 days and on the 7th day – VICTORY! They were FREE TO TAKE THE CITY — with a SHOUT, the WALLS FELL!! Now, it’s REVELATION all up in thru this thing mannnn. And I’m getting Revelation after Revelation in my mind rn, and I’m trying to keep up in my thoughts. I’m ALL over the place, I’m over here on two phones taking notes, looking up different references , along with bible commentary for deeper understanding. I have sooo many tabs open lol. I got The Bible app pulled up on both phones, I’m sitting here in the dark with a candle lit. Look, my baby was just Sleep in her crib in the other room and out of nowhere my baby Wakes up and starts crying incessantly. So now, my baby with me in the Living room, in the pack n play bc she wanna cry all crazy interrupting what Me and Abba got going on— honey, the Holy Spirit is here, She just wanna be in the room. Listen, the Lord is with me and Is doing a NEW Thing TONIGHT , Okay!!

Okay, so now that this picture is painted, Back to the trumpets, back to these revelations. So, first off, these folks have the ark of the covenant with them, which prompted me to look up meaning of Ark of the Covenant. According to my Google search, simply put, having this represents, or is a symbol of ‘FAITH,’ AND ‘Gods presence!’ Secondly, The Ppl were INSTRUCTED to SHOUT their 7th Time around the city, and then the WALLS FELL. (SN:: Look here, it’s also something about them 7s too — perhaps we’ll get into it!!). But first, an endeavor to seek clarity and deeper understanding as to WHAT the Lord is showing and telling me right now.


Benson CommentaryJoshua 6:16. “At the seventh time Joshua said, Shout — To TESTIFY your FAITH in God’s promise, and thankfulness for this glorious mercy; to encourage yourselves and brethren, and to strike a terror into your enemies. The Lord hath given you the cityIt is given to you to be devoted to God, as the first (and perhaps the worst) of all the cities of Canaan.”

In another commentary, Matthew Henry Commentary, I’ll just paraphrase cuz it’s too long actually nvm, we’ll copy n paste, lol (I was on the the other phone smh).


“JOSH 6:6-16 Wherever the ark went, the people attended it. God’s ministers, by the trumpet of the everlasting gospel, which proclaims liberty and victory, must encourage the followers of Christ in their spiritual warfare. As promised deliverances must be expected in God’s way, so they must be expected in his time. At last the people were to shout: they did so, and the walls fell. This was a shout of faith; they believed the walls of Jericho would fall. It was a shout of prayer; they cry to Heaven for help, and help came.”__ Matthew Henry Commentary

Soooooo, with ALL this being said, Ohh LASTLY, this other commentary actually presumed This May have all happened on the SABBATH…the SEVENTH DAY!! And THAT caught my attention, well BECAUSE, it TIES INTO THE “SABBATH REST,” THAT OF WHICH I HAVE been seeking the Lord about so earnestly!! This, the Sole reason for this blog post in the first place… Okay, lemme get that one in here too……Ahhhh, this is sooo good Lord!! Ima bring this together in a minute, just roll with me!!


Barnes’ Notes on the Bible

“On the seventh day – Most probably a Sabbath day…….”

Okayyy, soooo look, Idk if you’ve read my last few posts, if not, cool. I’ll bring you up to speed real quick….

Number One:: RECENTLY, I HAVE Felt led to what is called a ‘SABBATH REST.’ One day I had stumbled upon a scripture and I don’t know how I got there… but it jumped out at me bc I had ALSO recently inquired of the Lord as to WHY I KEEP SEEING THE NUMBER… #911!! It had picked up, the frequency of me seeing this number. The last straw was when I was going to the airport to drop my Dad off, I glanced over at the Bays where the planes were sitting. Each bay was numbered. The first bay had 9 written above it, and the bay right next to it, read 11, next to that one was 14 … So I’m like , OKKKK Lord. What is the meaning of this, why am I seeing the number #911 lately, and more frequently, and what does it mean for me specifically?! I finally inquired of the Lord instead of assuming what it meant anymore. So, a few days go by, and I’m at work, and it’s a good day, and I’m In my Word between calls. (Call Ctr Gig/WFH). So next thing I know, Idk I may have been on my bible app idk, I don’t really remember, but this one scripture pops up, Heb 4:9-11… and I’m like okay thats the scrip for this Bible plan or something I guess but I didn’t think nothing of it at first, BUT then I had to Double Take! Why? Because I See #911, it’s like my spiritual eyes picked up on it before my natural eyes caught it. So, I’m like Lord, it’s #911!! I go to Read Heb 4:9-11 — AND from that point on I WAS SHOOK!! At that very moment, I was so shook I was like, Huh?! “GOD, What IS YOU DOING?!” LOL, Bc I couldn’t believe my eyes and what I just read, I said, God, “are you telling me to QUIT MY JOB?!” So, then I found myself doing a deep study on ‘Sabbath Rest,’ to gain more knowledge and wisdom on this thing.

Yesssss!! So, I’ve been seeking the Lord on this subject profusely, even tonight, cuz Today I felt like ‘confusion’ may have been thrown in the sauce and causing me to further consider cowering from entering His rest. So, like I mentioned earlier, I had to call it out, Bind and rebuke, and speak over myself. So yea, THAT there is what started my Bible study tonight – and now I’m NECK deep in a Word from the Lord RIGHT NOW!! The Holy Spirit has taken over my night, Period. As for ME, In complete and utter surrender, and doing EXACTLY what I’m supposed to be doing too, WRITING!! This entire thing is a whole testimony — BE A WITNESS!

Mannn, this post is ALREADY TOO LONG, and I haven’t even brought the points together yet, lol, Bring it together Lord, condense the points , but make it powerful Jesus!!

Okay, here we gooo!! Todays Word, and what prompted me to EVEN BEGIN ACTUALLY WRITING originally, was the Word in Nehemiah 4: 17-18 !!! Now, IN MY MIND, I’m already PLUGGED IN bc ‘17’ means VICTORY!! And this whole passage for me IS A VICTORY Verse and it’s literally setting me FREE!! PEEP….

“….The leaders stationed themselves behind the people of Judah who were building the wall. The laborers carried on their work with one hand supporting their load and one hand holding a weapon. All the builders had a sword belted to their side. The trumpeter stayed with me to sound the alarm.”
‭‭Nehemiah‬ ‭4:17-18‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Neh 4:17-18 speaks to my spirit and stirs my gifts sooo strongly, bc it reminds me of the work I’m called to do, I am to carry out a task for the Lord, that which attracts mine enemies, these demons that don’t want me to progress, that throw fiery darts towards me, that I often must dodge, and this Word in Neh 4:17-18 , speaks on the workers carrying a load in one hand tryna (RE)BUILD and In the other hand holding a Weapon, Their SWORDS!! Jesus!! In other words, they was STRAPPED and ready to fight if anybody wanted to get it poppin and jump stupid. And they had the Trumpeter ready to sound the alarm if it came to it. They were READY FOR WAR!! This Word speaks Volumes in this season bc I’m called to do a thing, BE A BUILDER in this season. And I gotta remember to not be so shook about the work I am called to do bc of who is out there opposing what God told me to do!! And so, this passage speaks on The BUILDERS having their load in one hand and the other hand holding their weapon, TheIR SWORD! This The Sword 🗡 in this context that which I am receiving this, means THE WORD OF GOD!! (Wow, Thank You Lord!!! 🙌🏿🙌🏿) The Sword IS the weapon…. IS, The Word of God!! AND If I am to operate in the realm of My ABBA Daddy, it is imperative my FAITH IS UP! And Faith comes by hearing the Word of God!! This whole revelation literally just settled my spirit and has just set me FREE!! In JESUS NAME!! These TWO Weeks in go in today. GOD REMEMBERED ME — Just like He remembered Hanna and Blessed her with her son. God has blessed me. Maybe last year, I had declared to my family that this was going to be my last time working for anyone else EVER AGAIN!! And I took it to heart, I DIDNT know HOW OR what or when, or WHATEVER. I just knew that’s what it is and what it was gonna Be!! I Believed it when I said it – and GOD HEARD ME!!!! THANK YOU FATHER!!!

Listen…. This Word in Neh 4 encourages me SO Much!! God been speaking to me and pouring into me about this thing (#SabbathRest) so much that it makes me think of another Word he led me to the other day in Judges 7(MIND THIS NUMBER👀😲😩🙌🏿)…WHEN Gideon neeeded to be ENCOURAGED about a Battle he was going into, and God told him to go down and listen to what the folks were saying, and that it would ENCOURAGE HIM and comfort Him about the Battle. JESUSSS!!! *Pulls up Judges 7 in Bible App(BABYYYYY,🗣🗣 IM BOUTA RUN AROUND THIS BLOCK AT 1:44AM Lol🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️) LISTENNNN, Gideon did what God said, and He was indeed comforted and encouraged with what He heard and was READY FOR WHaTEVER!!! Awww man, Check this out, Wow, in this same passage, it too speaks of TRUMPETS being BLOWN JUST BEFORE A SHOUT UNTO THE LORD, AND THE LORD DELIVERING THEM INTO THEIR VICTORY!! OHHHH!!! Thank You Jesus! #Hallelujah HALLELUJAHHHH!!!

My God, My God, have your way Lord!! AGAIN, 🗣 ITS THE TRUMPETS FOR ME. Honestly, the TRUMPETS obviously MEAN SOMETHING, the significance of the TRUMPETS holds so much more weight than I thought. I’ll have to get into that toooo. This is already soooo long, BRING THIS TOGETHER, LORD!! Wait, Pause, off to Google University. 😂

Okayyy, so yes, This prompted ME to Google search the following, “rams horns trumpets bible.” I needed to see and understand and KNOW the parallels and the real underlying significance of the TRUMPET!! And boy what did I find…. THE WHOLE TRUTH about THE TRUMPET and it’s significance. Let’s just go over here into ‘TRUMPET REVELATIONS,’ real quick and we’ll circle back, BECAUSE THE LORD IS SPEAKING WHILST CONNECTING THE DOTS, and my mind continues to be BLOWN bc when I titled this before I began writing a Word of this I HAD NO IDEA it went this deep as I was operating out of Assumption and personal feelings and opinions. Let’s get into it…

Soooooo, THE TRUMPET… according to My Google search signifies the FOLLOWING…..

“The blast of the shofar, known as the trump of God. This sound caused great fear and reverence when God came down upon Sinai to establish His covenant with the people.

The sound of the Shofar calls us close to Yeshua and reminds us of the new covenant that He has established with all the people of the earth. We can come to Him in reverence and godly fear. “ -__ proshofar.com

“When the shofars were blown and the people shouted the walls came down and their enemies were defeated.

Today we can blow the Shofar and make a shout of victory and every wall that Satan and others have built will come crumbling down and our enemies will be defeated.”___ proshofar.com

“The sound of the Shofar calls us to rally together to break the oppression that the devil tries to bring upon us. We will not tolerate his oppression any longer. We will fight and secure our liberty that has already been given to us in Yeshua. We will allow the all-consuming fire to ignite our lives and draw people together to serve God.” __ proshofar.com

Wowwww!! So, like I said the sound of the Trumpet is THE Sound of imminent LIBERATION, VICTORY, DELIVERANCE!! A sound of imminent ESTABLISHMENT! A Call unto HIM— the reminder of GODs NEW COVENANT with His children. Ahhhh!! According to His Word in Heb 4:9-11 — I AM JUST — Are you grasping what is happening?! God Is literally banging His gavel in MY SPIRIT right now, putting the stamp on what He SAID TO ME, What He revealed to me last week in this scripture!! #CERTIFIED

Listen, Our ancestors (Israelites) were acting in complete Disobedience when they LACKED the FAITH to enter into GODs rest. It was the unbelief, that lack of Trust in God that got them caught up, and they missed out , and some didn’t get to reach the PROMISED LAND!! The Word says ‘Be Diligent to Enter Gods rest!’ And that we ought to FEAR “Not believing” that we can have it because of a lack of Faith!! Wow, LORD!! In other words, DONT GET CAUGHT UP!! Don’t lose out on what God promised you!! Either BELIEVE HIM or Perish, Period Pooh!! Don’t get caught up!!

This makes me think of that childhood game ‘Musical Chairs.’ When that music STOP, You better be IN A SEAT!! Ooohhhh weee JESUS, I remember this game especially when your the last few remaining, you don’t want to be the one without NO SEAT!! YEEN bouta catch ME SLIPPING!! I KEEP SAYING, MY FAITH IS UP!! Look here, ITS UP AND ITS STUCK !!! For Realll though ! FAITH IS THE CURRENCY, FAITH IS THE WEAPON…. THERE IN FAITH LIES MY FREEDOM!!! AND like, MLK I HAVE A DREAM- and the point is , IM FREE AT LAST!! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, IM FREE AT LAST!!


Omgeee, THIS IS LITERALLY A FULL CIRCLE MOMENT!! I am finally upon my Full circle moment, I am in it, it is HERE, IT IS NOW!! #TODAY

I had a dream some weeks back, maybe a month or so, where I HAD A DREAM of this MARRIAGE PROPOSAL getting set up!!! Long story short , I walked in late, I think We were apart of the CREW, cuz everything was still getting set up. And so, I walked in and was just awestruck of all I was seeing, because it played right into my own hearts DESIRES, it was like an outdoor Concert festival type vibe, and it was nighttime. Okay, so yes, I walked into the venue LATE , and I walked up on whom IM PRETTY SURE IS MY PRODIGAL HUSBAND/ KINGDOM SPOUSE, and I was just looking around IN AWE at how BEAUTIFUL IT ALL WAS…. I LOOKED OVER and Up On the MAIN STAGE, IT HAD THESE HUGE LIT UP LETTERS IN BRIGHT WHITE LIGHTS THAT READ, “MARRY ME!” IT WAS INCREDIBLE!! When I walked into the venue and Walked up on my friend/SPOUSE, I said to Him, “ WOW, This is beautiful, who is ALL THIS FOR?!” HE LOOKED UP AT ME, Smiled, Gazed into my eyes, AND In this Sweet , Soft Tone SAID, “THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!” 🥹😩😱🤯 THEN, I WOKE UP!! 🫠 It took some time to fully interpret, that it was the FATHER INVITING ME TO TAKE HIS HAND!! A CALL TO HIM!!! An INVITATION!!!! Playing RIGHT into my desires to be MARRIED, AND Not to mention, To the actual Man I feel is truly MY PRODIGAL HUSBAND/KINGDOM SPOUSE No Less!!!! 🗣JESUSSSSS!!!! GLORY TO THE MOST HIGH GODDDD!!!! 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️😩💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥🗣🗣🗣HAVE YOUR WAY, LORD!!!! 💕💕💕💕💕

WOWWW, even going months back, The RANDOM choice in Movies in these 3 specific movies I watched , which ALL happened to have the SAME REFERENCE IN EACH MOVIE I WAas led to watch …in the form of none other than, a PHOENIX!! I was first led to watch MULAN(LIVE ACTION, later also watched the original just for good measure), and then I was led to watch MALEFICENT 2, and lastly, the Oprah/Viola Davis conversation on NETFLIX. What does a PHOENIX DO?! The Phoenix RISES!! In MULAN, The PHOENIX acted as her guide, watched over her(represented her Ancestors). At the end of Mulan(live action), before her adversary turned ally succumbed, with her last breath, she said, “TAKE YOUR PLACE!” MULAN operated in STRENGTH AND MASTERY! She was VICTORIOUS !! In Maleficent 2, she was told THROUGHOUT the Movie to, “REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!” She reached a point where she can no longer contain who she REALLY IS, it started getting real, and the REAL HER WAS NEEDED, MORESO REQUIRED TO SHOW UP, a time of WAR, brought CAUSE TO WALK IN Authenticity, REVEALING HER IDENTITY, HER TRUE SELF, AND SHE TRANSFORMED INTO A WHOLE NEW CREATURE, the hour had come AND SHE ROSE INTO A PHOENIX – SAVED EVERYBODY!! #NEWNAME #NEWGARMENTS #VICTORY COME ON LORD!!!!!

Last night, I’m pretty sure I heard, HEAVEN for a brief moment too!! I was in the midst of prayer, it was dead silence, it was at like 3-4am. There was like this Faint singing, like someone turned the volume up, and then turned it back down real quick.

Tonight, while Seeking the Lord, and operating in OBEDIENCE, WRITING, FIREWORKS went off!! It sounded sooooo SUPER close to my house, as if it was right next door, or right OUTSIDE my door, that’s literally how close it was…God knows I LOVE FIREWORKS!! 💥 A few went off, but it didn’t last too long, which I’m grateful for bc my baby finally went back to sleep. I thought it was gunshots at first, then it became clear it was FIREWORKS indeed..which brings me to my next point. I have CONGRATULATED a few times over these past few weeks for NO REASON lol, at least that I can see NATURALLY!! But, each were prophetic voices, so they may have known something I had yet to realize… with real eyes. Either way, Celebration is obviously in order, hence the Fireworks!! God IS SOOOOO GOOD!!! 🥲🫶🏿🫶🏿🫶🏿

Oooohhhh, WOW!! My GOD, My GOD!! I had to come back and add the FACT, that I just came off a 3-DAY FAST(#WaterONLY)!!! TUH!!! Truth be told, I been Fasting OFF & On ALL MONTH LONG(JUNE’22) Baby, I FASTED for THIS FREEDOM!! I FASTED FOR THE CONFIDENCE AND THE PEACE TO WALK IN THIS FREEDOM!! I didn’t even realize I was already sitting in the fruit of my FAST!!! 🗣JESUS!! I THANK YOUUUUU!!! It was like God just tapped me on my shoulder like, UMMMM, THIS 💁🏿‍♀️Is why I had you FASTING!! 👀🫠🙌🏿🏃🏿‍♀️🤯

Yeaaaa, sooo We ought NOT Be shook about being called away from Working and into GODs rest, WE OUGHT TO BE SHOOK about NOT BELIEVING we can actually have it. And when it’s time for US to take our place, WE MUST REACH OUT AND GRAB IT!! AND man, according to Gods Word in Matt 11:12 – The kingdom suffers violence and the violent take it by force. I’M snatching UP MY FREEDOM , FOR IT IS MINE TO BEHOLD IN JESUS NAME!!! And that for WHOM I am called, UNTO HIM, SO BE IT, BY FAITH IT IS MINE, I WILL SEE AND LIVE IN GOD’s Rest right now , TODAY!! And Faith comes by hearing by the Word of God!! PRAISE THE LORD ALMIGHTY!! I AM FREE AT LAST!!

“Approach Gods Throne of grace with Confidence…receive mercy(forgiveness) , find grace to help us in time of need.”__ proshofar.com

Listennn…..I AM INDEED being Called Away from Working… hereby, Cordially INVITED…🗣TODAY, Into GODs REST…. to which I have FINALLY, and FAITHFULLY , and HAPPILY ACCEPT!! THANK YOU LORD, ALMIGHTY GOD! MY GRACIOUS ABBA!!!



Listen…first off, The Lord is SPEAKING!! I’m just trying to hear correctly and more often. I need my answer, I need my instructions, I need the blueprints, I need the WORDS, I need all of it,, I NEED EVERYTHING, Ok!?!

I’ve been in Prayer about a few things, I been led to certain scriptures that’s been blowing my mind, bc INSTRUCTION is being revealed but it is requiring MUCH!! Obedience is better than sacrifice. But, with these revelations recently, Obedience IS the Sacrifice.

It’s sooo much, it’s just much, and I’m stressed about that which is supposed to bring PEACE. And, the Lord I’m sure is just looking at me like, it can all be so simple. Lol!! Got Lauryn Hill in my head like, “But you’d rather make it Harddd!!” SMH.

Ok, Soooo……. Number One, I’m pretty sure the Lord is calling me into a ‘Sabbath Rest!’ This Rest requires me to No longer WORK!! I AM being called away from my job…from Working!! I’ve been seeing the number, ‘911,’ A LOT. And as often as I’ve seen this number I never really inquired of the Lord to find out exactly why I keep seeing this number and what it actually means until just recently. After a few days after my inquiry, it was randomly revealed as I was WORKING, interestingly enough. I was led to the following scripture:: Hebrews 4:9-11. When I saw the scripture, it didn’t register at first, then moments later it hit me like I ton of bricks, like, “THATS IT!” So, I go to this scripture, read other, then I’m lead to do a Bible study on it — and I realize this Sabbath Rest is so much more than resting for a day doing NO LABOR. It’s straight, QUIT YOUR JOB, Depend on God type business and I was SHOOK. So, I’m consulting the Father, My Abba, like ” Lord, did you just tell me to quit my job?! ” LOL, like Wait God. Pause. TIME OUT!!

So, I dive deeper in my study, and I’m in the Secret Place about it, and so I told God I need confirmation left and right about this!! Long story short, I continue to receive confirmation about it… Devotionals, and other Sisters in Christ talking about how they themselves are too called away from working.

It’s not just about NOT WORKING, it’s more of a directive to Seek the Lord more than ever before. It’s about getting silent, and just going before the Father in solitude for opportunity for Him to really SPEAK and guide, bestow, and just be endowed, Delivered, TRANFORMED into the very WOMAN He has called me to be.

It’s like He is telling me, You don’t work for them nomore, you work for me now. Like, I no longer work for/in the world, I work for the Kingdom now. And, I am needed right now. It feels like a TRAINING, before I go into the Professional arena to do what I’m called to do. How football players go to Training Camp, before the season actually begins, THATS HOW THIS FEELS!!

Currently, I am being PRUNED. REFINED. It has also felt like it too, Naturally, and in the Physical. But, as I remain tethered to My Father’s feet, I feel so spiritually wealthy, I am spiritually in a whole other place, and I’m just waiting to see it in the physical. I am putting real spiritual work in, and I’m actually hungry for UT, and happy to do it. Sometimes, I drag my feet, but I know I need to be there, at my Father’s feet. Getting more information, getting all the muck within me rooted out, to be replaced with God’s greatness, His divine nature MUST be planted.

I am HUMBLED and so shook at what Is happening in myofe right now. I have a 1 yr old and I’m just like God, am I really hearing you right. All signs have pointed to YES!!

YES!! WOW…which leads me to my dream. Maybe a month and some change back, I had an interesting dream. Now, I don’t remember all of it, but I remember what I needed to remember.

I had a Dream about a Marriage Proposal being set up! I dont remember if I was supposed to be helping set it up, but when I got there, when I arrived, I walked towards my friend (whom is actually A MAN I LOVED DEEPLY, to whom I refer to as ‘the one that got away,’ A MAN I still Love and whom I’m actually believing to be MY HUSBAND one day interestingly- #ProdigalHusband/#KingdomSpouse) in awe, just looking around in amazement, I think I said ” I wonder who this is all for, they are going to love it”, bc it was just sooo Beautiful and so cool, and different, and dope! It was exactly MY type of vibe!!

It was nighttime, and this location looked to be like this outside Concert Festival type vibe, and on stage, it had HUGEEEE, LIT UP letters that read, MARRY ME!! When I said, “I wonder who this is all for, they are gonna LOVE This,” he looked up at me and said, “THIS IS FOR YOU!” And then I woke up!!! 👀😲😱 I woke up like, LORD what in the world was That?!?! I was reeling…in my spirit a little bit lol.

My interpretation is this… One, The Lord is playing into my DESIRE to be MARRIED in the first place. It was as if He was saying He know I want to be Married, and one day, I WILL! TWO… He played further into my desires bc God knows I lowkey want a NIGHT WEDDING, 🌙 and I want Fireworks, etc…He KNows. THREE, What is who I think is my PRODIGAL HUSBAMD doing here, and why he not the one Proposing. But, knowing that He is a Man of God, he was there bc he was and has been with The Lord, at His feet, doing His part for the Kingdom ALREADY. And then Finally, this was GOD, asking for my hand!! This was an invitation…….the church IS THE BRIDE!! And I, AM a CHOSEN ONE for the Kingdom. And it is my time, to RISE UP and take my position, FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!! Real Esther Vibes….and this dream ties into the other my other post thay I don’t even think I even posted now that I think about but, it was about 3 movies I watched, ALL referencing a PHOENIX!! What does a Phoenix do?? PHOENIX’ RISES!! ♥️ And I was randomly led to watch those movies…which were, the first movie I watched, Maleficent 2, then on another occasion, Mulan (live action), and then Viola Davis/Oprah Convo on Netflix.

I am getting comfortable with the idea of being called away from my job, but it’s SCARY. This is what you call getting stretched by God, and this is a #BIGSTRETCH

I am in my Word seeking the Father for more confirmation, more Revelation, etc, I’m finding that my spiritual eyes and ears are slowly but surely open, and opening wider the more time I spend in the Secret Place.

Writing these words today is an act of Obedience. According to Psalm 145, I need to truly record and document the blessings, these miracles, and signs and wonders in my life. Ppl need to know, ppl need to see, need to hear how Dope God really is….. I will be getting more intentional about these WORDS he would have me to Produce on this platform and possibly others.

My Life is changing, constantly. My Life HAS changed already really, I AM A MOTHER Now…and life has been so different, but at every challenge God was with me. I’m so GRATEFUL for His Mercy and Love! Until, I actually am MARRIED, God is really MY Husband. Like, my comforter, my provider, I’m learning to be a Wife, and God is the head of my House, and I’m learning to LISTEN. (#CatchThat) I’m learning, I’m listening, I’m working on Immediate Obedience, and trusting God, with NO Hesitation, No Resistance, No Talking Back, No being hard-headed bc MY mother likes to say that I’m a hard nut to Crack. The Lord is DEALING WITH ME okayyy, lol. When I say I’m getting PRUNED, I mean it. Straight Refined. The REFINERS FIRE FOR REAL. BUT, IM HERE FOR IT.

Use ME Lord. Send ME, Lord!!!

Ya’ll it’s soooo much….but echoing in mind, “TO whomuch is given, MUCH is required!”

Because I have LIFE, MORE ABUNDANTLY already, SPIRITUALLY. If I didn’t mention, I’m spiritually WEALTHY, like I’m mad Rich in the spirit. The Enemy is big madddd, which is WHY I understand I can’t go off how I feel, be having me believe something thay simply is NOT so ….which is ALSOOOO why I need to REMAIN AT HIS FEET!! CONE ON SOMEBODY!!

My Faith is up and I gotta Keep my FAITH UP. Idk what I was listening to the other day, bit I listen to a LOT Of content bc I need to pour into my spirit CONSTANTLY… They said:: “FAITH IS THE CURRENCY; FAITH IS THE WEAPON!” And It hit me sooo hard, I was Ooooohh Weee!! YES, bc its FACTS!! The whole Truth!!

Sooo, Yes, it looks like I WILL be walking away from my job to go into REST. I’m going into STILLNESS, SOLITUDE, Silence with MY FATHER. He us calling me unto HIM rn, and I keep resisting bc OF FEAR AND The unknown. But, thats a spirit. Anything God didn’t give me is NOT MINE. I will operate in POWER, IN LOVE, SOUND MIND!! (MY family is gonna have a field day with this one… I digress lol smhhh)

I had 7/1 in my spirit for whatever reason since a few days ago and it came up again as I was seeking the Lord on the subject last night. Listennnn, so I’m like LORD, like why do I keep thinking 7/1… so MY RANDOM SELF Lol went to The SEVENTH BOOK OF THE BIBLE, I go to the SEVENTH chapter… so I go there and where do I end up?!?! JUDGES!!! Oohh Jesus, so I go to the scripture, JUDGES 7, flip the page to see how long it was, and then on the next page was the Devotional, (in my Womens Study Bible)! THE DEVOTIONAL was Titled, “IS THE BATTLE TOO BIG?” And just under the title, it said “READ JUDGES 7:1-22!” YOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Lol, IM bugging out, I’m like Lord, what is you doing lol, you got jokes, you think you funny huh. Look, just as random as I was, God was like Oh you seeking, seeking lol, and in *Kevin Hart voice* – He like, “IMA GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT!” THE WHOLE DATEEEEE IS RIGHT THERE, God is calling me away from MY JOB, STARTING 7/1/22 , and God talking stuff in this devotionL title like, IS the Battle too big for you?!?!? BOOM, so I go to read JUDGES 7 – Its about GIDEON!! And Im like “Aww here we go,” we all know Gideon wasn’t the most brave. Sooo, Mannnnnn, I read JUDGES 7, and I’m just stunned. Then, I go deeper and read other scriptures in the related readings, 2 Chr 20:5-15 – JEHOSOPHAT, last one …1 SAM 17:32-50 – DAVID AND GOLIATH and I’m just like WOWWWW, LORD!!! ALL SIGNS POINT TO VICTORY. GOD IS OVER HERE, literally telling me, CONVINCING ME, just like I had them, I GOT YOU TOO!!! 3 DIFFERENT BATTLES — ALL VICTORIES!! GIDEON was shook about going into battle, and God told Gideon, *paraphrase alert*, GO down there with your servant, and listen to what they saying and thats going to comfort and encourage you and let you know I GOT YOU!! The opposing army TURNED THEIR SWORDS ON EACH OTHER!! JEHOSOPHAT AND em said, Lord, Come and look at this, you see these ppl trying to drive us out the land you have us as our inheritance, these Same folks we SPARED from invading THEIR land, and Lord we don’t know WHAT to do, but our eyes ON YOU!! GOD told em, “DO NOT be afraid NOR discouraged by this vast army. FOR THE BATTLE IS NOT YOURS, ITS GODS!” somebody *cue Yolanda* And lastly, The Lord brought me to the story of David and Goliath!! David literally said, he fought bears and lions about his SHEEP, he wasn’t about to be defeated by this simp, Goliath, David said , Let noone lose heart on account of this Philistine, your servant will go and fight him!” David defeated Goliath with a sling and stone!! David was about that Life!! More importantly he knew God was with Him.

As I write these words recalling my Bible study last night, I feel like I’m getting more Revelation bc last night it was just about the bigness of being called away from working that I wasn’t even considering ppl and their opinions and their resistance to my decision to cease from Working. I’m also up against that…and God is telling me “I will deliver them unto your hands!” Just as he did in those battles. I oy just realized that leaving work my fam would have a field day as I was writing this…

All I know Is that…DESTINY is calling me. God is calling Me unto Him, and Major keys can only be found in Solitude with Him. I’m focused on Him. I can’t be worried about what these ppl think about What God would have me to do for HIM. They’ve NEVER been that Bold. I can’t allow them to put their limitations and fears on me. Me and mine is good good, bc WE know Our Father for real!!

The fight of my life, a great battle, begins 7/1/22 — IT’S LIT!! But, what’s crazy is that I’ve had a history of quitting jobs, and just like walking off, bc I was confident enough in my skills , and knew I could just get another job, which I always have…. I’ve had a history of like easily walking away. What’s the difference btw Now and Then you ask… My 1 yr old!! I am a (temporarily) SINGLE MOTHER!! I MUST provide fory little one, I can’t just be Winging it. There lies the fear, Right there. Blessed by God with a job to sustain me and her, just for Him to call me off It. God is Truly something else. I’m telling You!!

But, yes, He is really telling me, Times UP!! ⏲️ And to come on, bc its somethinG Bigger at hand.


I’m going to


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